“I would describe Eric as a force in the entertainment industry…As a voice over talent his clear, resonant and expressive voice has the versatility to be used in high intensity national concert spots but also personal soft sells like hospitals and colleges. His attention to detail and overall talent has created success for him…Eric is the kind of person that always meets you with a smile and makes any situation he is associated with better.“

~ Mark Clarke | Author/Broadcaster, New York

“Eric is one of those rare "Can Do!" kind of people and great to work with. His demeanor is professional and unflappable, even in deadline pressure situations. His skills behind the mic blend seamlessly from talent to producer. A great work ethic, focus and impeccable attention to detail make Mr. Mycheals one of a kind!“

-Dave Crockett | Dave Crockett Production Group LLC

“Eric is a tremendously talented personality, audio producer and voice over professional. He can take your commercial to extraordinary levels… his work will stand out the most… the voice, the delivery, the high quality of the production and creativity…You will be amazed when he's done…I highly recommend Eric!”

-Deneen Busby | St. Louis

“This is going to sound crazy but I thank God he can't sing or he'd take my job!!!! On the real he's my go to guy when I need something to really sound Great!!! Kills it every time.”

Will Downing | Recording Artist

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